21 April 2010

Car(e) free

As an alternative to the larger and more expensive cargo bike, a lot of Copenhageners are getting creative with crates and boxes. When a regular bicycle basket is not butch or big enough, this is the perfect solution. I have spotted supermarket shopping baskets, vintage wood crates and plastic milk boxes, strapped on with an elastic or wire. I have seen them pretty and painted, but more often they are just left unattractive for practical reasons (as in unworthy of stealing).

The unwritten rules already seem to dictate it must be home made and that is a big part of the charm and usefulness. I can almost smell the frustration of the bicycle industry. It is strange, but I know the feeling so well: getting big projects done by bike is so incredibly satisfying. Like riding with big paintings, tons of groceries, lamps and even small pieces of furniture. I mean, really, who needs cars?

Old guy with a hat, all about practicality and style.

Wine brings joy (in German)

The classic 70s wood crate, from Carlsberg

A double seater, basket in front and the painted plastic box in the back. And two flat tires.


  1. Love the Carlsberg crate!

  2. yeah, i think i'll begin to use my bike again in california. in Paris i always had a rattan basket on my bike, needed for purse and groceries and books. (unfortunately, i'll have to use again a car too)

  3. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for your kind words, I'm so glad to find your blog too, full of visual delights & culture!
    Love it!!
    ps: hope you enjoy the new shirtdress, I'm sure you'd look sensational. The more we wash it, the softer & better it gets...


  4. hi Lenore,
    I am happy to hear that you like my blog! And I am looking forward to this dress too, it is going to take a while before I get it, but I have high hopes. :-)

    hi Carole,
    With the sunny climate in your new city you must ride a bike. Last I heard Paris is picking up on the bicycle culture too, can it be?

  5. Jeg er vild med 'wein schenkt Freude'-budskabet. Skønt/skønt.

  6. SKØN blog! Fatter ikke hvorfor jeg først har fundet den nu! Fantastiske billeder, og masser af lækker nostalgi fra min yndlingsby..

    Jeg har længe spekuleret i hvorfor er det blevet så usmart at elske den by vi bor i?
    De fleste af mine bekendte har så travlt med "Åh, New York er bare den fedeste by i verden!" eller "Jeg ville klart foretrække Berlin frem for noget andet sted!" - men helt ærligt - København er sguda en herlig by!

  7. hej Linda og Danielle,

    Tak for ros, jeg bliver helt lykkelig! Det er først rigtig gået op for mig hvor meget jeg elsker min by efter at jeg startede min blog. Der er så mange lag og så meget historie og der sker så mange sjove ting i København, på mikroplan.

  8. Sandra, yes in Paris now there are bikes all over the place, that you can rent from one point to another. I think it is inexpensive, and parisians can have a subscription or something. i think it's great.

  9. AnonymousMay 02, 2010

    Thanks for this post. Here in Australia, cycling is still pretty much the province of the shaved leg and lycra crowd. On my weekly ride to the market with my trailer,motorists look at me like I'm some kind of a crackpot! Why would you do that when you could be sitting in a comfy, air conditioned car? But why wouldn't you? Relax, enjoy the sea air, the view along with the luxury of parking right in front. We'll get there eventually, it's just going to be a long slow slog. Takke!~ian (Melbourne)

  10. Hi Ian, thank you for bringing Melbourne to me. Living in Copenhagen it is easy to forget how privileged we are, with the bicycle lifestyle. Haha, I can just see the shaved leg and lycra people, I know exactly the ones you are talking about. It is good that you go in front, and show them the way. I too enjoy taking my rides in stride, but even if I am in a hurry, a bicycle is still the best way to make it to any appointment within Copenhagen. Enjoy your comfy air conditioned bicycle. :-) Sandra


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