01 April 2010

Double fun

I find myself looking for new things on the flea market these days. My main focus used to be on clothes, jewellery, and things like that, but the latest attraction is now prints, posters, postcards and books. On top of everything else, of course. And today I got a fresh batch of old Danish postcards from a sweet old man at the flea market. As I turned them over, I realised there was gold on both sides. I was struck by the polite tone, even between children and their parents, the beautiful handwriting and the kindness of the act itself.

Two of them is from the same person, one day apart, I figured it was from a Danish child on vacation in the north of Denmark, to the parents, back when they were not so relaxed about the cost of making a phone call. The other is from a Danish woman to her mother, written on a typewriter, which in itself is pretty odd on a postcard. Is it just me, or is there something (perhaps unintended) humorous about these?

Stamped May 1st 1969
Dear mother. Thursday noon. If you wrote me, I will not get it before monday, as we do not return home before. We shall be driving to the store on saturday from the house and back. Wednesday at noon Reverend Hansen will visit, and then we will have a lovely lunch at the hotel, and maybe drive around for a short while, he is taking the boat to Sweden in the evening. He told me just this morning on the phone that Mrs. Reverend Augustinus was buried yesterday. Other than that, all is well. Love from us both. This card was left behind by a tourist in the store the other day, and it was already post stamped.

Stamped August 25th 1964
Dear mom and dad, I am well tonight we are going to have a party so that will probably be fun. The weather is not good and it rains a lot. Love from Niels

Stamped August 24th 1964
Dear mom and dad, I am well, today we went on a trip to Skagen and we drove to The Branch with The Sandworm, but I feel better if you send a little candy and a fiver.


  1. That is funny! We're planning on going to Skagen next trip!

  2. Nice!
    This reminds me of a couple of great blogs that you may like (if you don't know them already):
    Letters of Note and Letterheady

  3. Hi Ramon,

    I had to look them up, it is always nice to learn about new (old) things. By reading old correspondence you really get a good sense of the times, better than reading about it in any book. Thank you for the links.

    Hi Mary
    You better hurry before someone decides to send it to China for commercial purposes...

  4. cool. funny i have the opportunity to sell things at the flea market this weekend, which i'm going to do. just clothes and books and shoes and bags. i'm so bad at getting rid of things.

  5. Ah, Carole, it is the best! I used to do that a lot, selling on the flea market. It is such fun to make a theme and coordinate things, and then figuring out how to suck people in. You know the customers always go where the crowd is. Good luck at the market, I wish I could visit you there. :-)


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