26 April 2010

Gee, thanks

As I passed Sankt Hans Square the other day, I noticed there was huge packages hanging from the trees and traffic lights. And you know that a stunt like that is just bound to suck me in... but I quickly realised they were empty, which is sort of the point. Whenever a political party comes up with a plan, they name it a package. Like the immigration package, or the welfare package. It sounds fancy, and more than indicates that it is a good thing. But we have had quite a few of these "packages" by now, and the word is loosing its meaning here.

The stunt is that of a young division of the communist party, who had wrapped the empty boxes in bad news, underlining their political standpoint. Like the story of the multi moochers, huge corporations like McDonald's, who for 26 years in Denmark did not pay tax. I know this because when they recently did own up to the profit, it was such a rare event that it made the evening news.

Now, I am not posting this to promote any one political party. In my opinion the Danish politicians has made more of a mess of things than ever before, and I dread the next time they ask me to choose one to represent me. But when they finally come up with a package that puts a smile on my face, it has earned the 2.5 minutes of fame, and a comfortable spot on Classic Copenhagen.

Welfare package

The multi moochers

Environmental article

Democracy package


  1. We need more of that stuff!

  2. that's excellent. i'm currently avoiding my own country because of the political climate there, and the politics of the US, well it is so complicated... i should take a course in political science to sort it out!

  3. All I know is that the last time I voted, it turned out to be a really bad decision. They make empty promises, and once they are in office, they really don't give a crap about who put them there, that is quite obvious. As politicians go, I only trust a handful world wide.


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