19 April 2010

I was wrong

Only on one other occasion have I taken a picture of a member of The Royal Family, and I felt like crap then too. So why would I go and repeat the deed? I have been turning it over in my mind, trying to figure out just why it feels so wrong. I ask myself why I took the picture. It is not because I love my Queen, because I have been doing that successfully from a distance all of my life. So I have tried to place myself in the Royal shoes, and see myself pointing a camera at me, and it does not make me feel loved... I was not there to cheer on my Queen and wish her all the best (even if I do), I was there to get the picture. And now I feel like crap.


  1. it comes with the job (queen). photographers have to take pictures, whatever the circumstances, otherwise they can't be photographers. you don't have to feel bad, at all.

  2. Maybe I should think of myself as a photographer in that situation, and that would help. It is strange because I used to take portraits of people, and I loved that, but when it comes to the other kind, where they don't ask you to, it gets so uncomfortable for me. Thank you for writing and making me feel better. :-)


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