12 April 2010

A light bulb moment

I have always been fascinated by shadows and reflections. It is almost like catching a glimpse of a parallel world, a fresh take on what you believe to know so well. Perhaps the sensation comes from seeing something familiar again for the first time, in the reflection of a puddle, a spoon, or in this case a broken mirrored light bulb. I was busy catching the antique sign for the earlier post, when it caught my eye, and after that I spend a good 20 minutes chasing all the angles and pieces on the ground. They all had their own view of things, and I was completely absorbed and ecstatic about my discovery.

And as always, I felt like stopping the world, and direct the attention to the wonder. So when 4 young boys walked by, openly joking about this weird girl, squatting at the ground, taking pictures of the (to them) invisible, I had to draw them in. For all of one minute I had them in the bulb, before they moved on. There was no time to get the focus right, but I still like that I made them look, and perhaps see things differently for just one minute.

The boys.


  1. Great pictures! I can see you and the 4 boys and more beautiful reflections...

  2. Haha, thank you Sabine, it was not easy getting them to stand still for long enough for the focus to catch up. But I am happy that you get the picture anyway. :-)

  3. That is fascinating, especially the smaller pieces that show individual windows separated from their grid-like reality.
    The red brick and grey windows play off the glass which adds gold and silver.
    Thanks for your beautiful vision.

  4. hi JohnCanon,
    Thank you for the kind words! I really love the one with all the little reflections too, how magical was that, that a mirrored light bulb was at that place at that moment? I feel so lucky.

  5. i love the second one!


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