16 April 2010

Mission accomplished

However fondly I think of my Queen, and wish Her the best birthday in the world, I just can't get exited about the televised side of things. Who is wearing what, with what jewels, and in what company, and what are they going to eat, and who will provide the entertainment... I can not grasp how anyone can find that fascinating?! But I did make it just in time today, to catch the Royal Birthday Carriage Ride in person, even if I had to fight off some very aggressive elders to make it. It was a big show, fronted and backed by impressive horses and horsemen, and I got so absorbed by the details, that I true to form nearly missed the big picture.

I was standing next to a small and very emotional old woman, who told me that she was also here for the 50th birthday 20 years ago, and as this extended event only takes place once every 10 years, it was a very big deal to her. We were standing across form the Caritas Fountain (the one the non-turds decorated), dating back to 1608 it is the oldest in Copenhagen, and even if I heard the rumours, I never believed it before today: every year on the Queens birthday, it plays with golden apples.  

As you can imagine, this event is taking up a lot of space. Besides the two biggest TV networks in Denmark following every preparation and event, the National Bank has launched a special commemorative coin, there is a new post stamp out, and the cartoonists are lining up school yard style, to pull the Royal pigtails. I am beginning to think that a full week of celebrations and probing must be enough for any 70 year old. Even a Queen.

Happy birthday!


  1. Ha! At an exhibition in Kensington Palace recently I was standing next to these 2 women who were looking at a picture of Princess Anne swooning over her dress - like they were her best friends (who knows, maybe they were)...

  2. It is a huge industry.. not so much the part of it that I am into.


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