08 April 2010

Simply put

As is the case in most big cities, the centre of Copenhagen is only affordable to chain stores and other established businesses. It can at times be hard to tell what country you are in, as H&M, Zara, Monsoon and the gang are lined up in the same order, looking identical in almost every big city in the world. 

The real flavour is almost always to be found somewhere off the beaten path. Only here can the small store owners afford to set up shop, and those are the ones worth watching. In the independent stores it is not about stickers the size of cars, covering huge storefronts, but rather a refreshingly simple way of communicating. It is about standing by the budget, and making it work. Not trying to look like everybody else. 

For your viewing pleasure I wanted to catch the stripes on a storefront in my neighbourhood, for this post. But as I got sucked inside, I realised there was more meat on that bone, so that will be served up in a separate post. Perhaps tomorrow, if you are in the mood for a banana and a shot of color?

Antiques and Fleas. This sign has been around for as long as I can remember, it obviously works.

Big Verner's mini antique book store. On Vesterbro, the Westbridge area. 

The bicycle repair shop. The no-fuss storefront, with a clear message. 

 The Norrebro store "This Issue". 

A coming attraction...

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