18 April 2010

Soft graffiti

Lately I have been spotting a lot of soft graffiti in the streets of Copenhagen. Like chalk work: first it was the non-turds at the fountain, then at the wall surrounding the construction site on the farmers market, and now it just seems to be popping up everywhere. Even if it is short lived, it makes a great impact, perhaps because it is an unusual medium (to adults, anyway), and in every way friendly. Like the paste up movement, with the cut out paper work glued on odd places, another favourite of mine for much the same reasons. 

And even if I only caught a glimpse, as I ran over this foil animal on my bike the other day, I knew it was a rabbit. So I went back to document the shiny piece, all the while wondering if I am just seeing street art everywhere, or if this could be the early signs of foil tagging? You tell me.

The worlds best gym 

(nothing to do with art, I know, but it is still the chalk movement. And it is a clever way of getting free advertising on the most crowded pedestrian street in Copenhagen. Shame about the poor condition of the pavement,  don't you think?)

Cheeky (although I really want to translate it as "nosy")

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