09 April 2010

Stars and stripes

It is so idiotic, but nevertheless true: if a store is placed in a basement or up a few stairs, I am less likely to enter. I am not sure wherein the barrier lies, I only know it does. But yesterday the temptation got too big to resist, so I finally went to see the stripy store This Issue from the inside. It is run by the graphic team Shft, and functions as a combined office-showroom-gallery-concept store. The walls are covered with prints and posters, the floors are painted in bright and contrasting colors, and there really are too many details to take in, in just one visit. My initial love was the handmade banana hammock, by artist Stine Tranekjaer. But now that I have seen what else she does, I am not sure I could limit myself to just one piece of fruit.

From there I got sucked into the satirical jumping jack right wing politicians. Despite the recent shameful deportation of refugees, there is still more than 700 children caught in the system. Some are orphans, and some are even remanded in custody, not for committing a crime, but as a (horrible) way of safekeeping. The art collective Schwimmellmann has created the jumping jacks, sold in sets of four, to spread the word and raise funds to help the children. And in a way this proves my point from yesterday: I can not think of a single store in the centre of the city, with the balls to sell something like this. I consider this the proof that crossing a barrier every once in a while is good for me.

The jig.


  1. Absolutely! And good of you to point it out - a very valid reason to overcome one's inhibitions once in while.

  2. P.S. What I always wanted to ask: How do you keep your Sonia Rykiel jumpsuit up now? Belt? x

  3. Hi Sabine,
    I cut them about an inch above the built in belt (I am supposed to handsew the finish, but I have not gotten around to that just yet...), and it works for now. But they just seem to grow a full size every time I put them on.

  4. Clever! But I fear in the end it will be the very hot wash (40C actually did shrink the suit a bit). Right now I'm just letting the upper bit hang down. Ach, maybe we're just not proper Rykiel girls?

  5. Haha, maybe so. When we are done altering, boiling and cutting, she won't be able to recognise her design anyway. :-)

  6. The last pictures look so funny!


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