27 April 2010

Swan song

Some streets, sights and places in Copenhagen hold a special place in my heart. If they are not on my way, I will make a detour every now and then, just to drive by and let my eyes touch them. Make sure they are all right. A fine example of this is the swan and eagle murals, from one of my earliest posts. So when I saw the scaffolding earlier this month, I had a bad feeling. And today a piece of my heart broke:

I blame the people who put this thing up, without taking measures to protect the swan, just as much as I do the morons who could not let this one slide. Do the trains, do tunnels, do all things concrete, containers and abandoned areas. But not the swan! I am sorry to play this one-tune song once again, but I can't keep it in (thank you for being here for me).

But fortunately for my bleeding heart Copenhagen still holds surprises. One of them is just around the corner from this one. Another cool mural, and with some rare 3D work, accompanied by a beautiful blooming tree and a blue picket fence. When I see people taking such good care of their environment, it brings back hope. Getting involved with and keeping the neighbourhood clean and beautiful, picking up garbage and taking care of the vegetation is a sign of dignity and pride. In one self and in Copenhagen. A sign I really needed today.

Nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Northern Countries

Nominated for a Classic Copenhagen Award in the category Best Mural.


  1. nice. i like when things change. in paris there are beautiful street murals that are lasting only a few weeks before somebody cover it up. it doesn't matter to me because it is the way it's supposed to be, in the streets. and it's a constant surprise, not always the best, i agree, but still, it's life!

  2. Oh, well, I guess we just have very different opinions on this one. The murder of the swan mural was not nice to me. And the crap that is plastered over it is to be found everywhere. The swan was unique. Not every surface is a canvas for anyone to go to work on, that is what I am saying. The fantastic man with the 3D dove work, around the corner from the swan, is another preservable piece. That is how I feel.

  3. yeah i get it. sometimes you just want to take the walls with you... btw, check the little mermaid http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/04/shanghais_expo_nearly_ready.html

  4. The 3D dove plaques certainly make it more special!
    Love this~

  5. I love it too. Hopefully they let it live. :-)

  6. I love the mural and the effect of the doves. A shame about the swan though. Fabulous pictures... makes me miss Copenhagen a lot. It's one of my favorite cities in the world!

  7. Haute World,

    It is a comfort to know I am not the only one who would rather have seen the swan survive. Taking pictures of my city has completely taken over my life, I had no idea it could be like this, when I first started my blog. Copenhagen is a pretty fantastic city. :-)

    hi Carole,
    Thank you for the link to the Mermaid. She looks homesick, I think. And I noticed the photo of the architect too, busy promoting himself, as ever.

    :-) Sandra

  8. Terrible! I so hate it when art or nature gets destroyed for financial/practical reasons. I had a similar experience recently when I went to visit a wild apple orchard nearby, just to see that they had slaughtered around 100 old apple trees! Yes, the trees might have been old, and many of them had fallen down (but still producted apples!), but it was one of the most beautiful places on earth. All that was left was an apple tree graveyard. Bastards!!!
    On a brighter note, Sandra - I've left you a little award on my blog. When you find a minute come and check it out. xx

  9. Hi Sabine,

    My very first blog award! I am so flattered, thank you very much. And I feel sorry for the apple orchard too, slaughtering is the right word for destroying beauty. I don't know why the scaffolding is up in this case, maybe for some roof work, but there is no excuse for the stupid spraycan action.

    You made my day with the Sunshine Award. :-) Sandra

  10. Sad, Sad, Sad...
    These murals should have been protected some time ago as a part of the city's history.

    I must say that mostly I find graffiti to be a big nuisance. Especially when they destroy beautiful old buildings or other art work like in this case...

  11. That is my sentiment exactly! It is very hard for me to accept this "c'est la guerre" attitude about it when it comes to pieces like this. In the swan case they have simply painted it all white now. Like it was never there. Heartbreak.


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