04 April 2010

The tease

One of the oldest Easter traditions we have, is the "gaekkebrev". I was first introduced to this by my grandmother as a child, and it made a huge impression on me. The gaekkebrev is a teasing letter sent anonymously, decorated with cut outs and snow drops, a rhyme and your name spelled out in dots. If you receive this letter and guess the sender before Easter, she owes you a candy Easter egg, but if you don't, you owe her one. This tradition is mostly practised for the children, and some just skip the letter part and go straight to the egg exchange. But I still think it is just as much about the journey, as it is about the destination.

The kindergarten again, just before Easter the letters were replaced by the egg in hen, from the earlier post. I am sure they were put in circulation to ensure a good candy egg harvest. 


  1. What a sweet tradition. I love that!

  2. I know, I love it too. Sometimes you also dry a snow drop in a book, or something, to make it flat, and enclose it with the letter. It really is a super nice tradition. :-)


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