20 April 2010

Chill when served

Every once in a while a new concept comes to town. And if it is any good, it will spread like wild fire. Denmark is a beer loving nation by long tradition, but in the past years we have embraced wine bars too. It is now so wildly popular that if a location becomes available, chances are it will be a wine bar tomorrow. They almost all compete (or maybe just agree) to have the most "authentic French wine farmer look", and the Copenhageners are all over the hype. The instant aura of sophistication is a big hit with the 30+ Danes. Getting a load on from a long stemmed glass inarguably seems so much more refined. The atmosphere in the Copenhagen wine bars is laid back, it never gets rowdy like in a regular bar with a younger crowd, or anywhere near as festive as a cocktail bar. But if you are content with just chilling when served, this is could be it.


  1. Absolutely LOVE Carlsberg! When we were in Cph last summer, we stayed around the corner from a bar, but it was surprisingly quiet. Will have to check out the wine bars next time!

  2. Carlsberg is the one beer we never run out of. There are so many flavours from that brewery alone to choose from, that you will be stone drunk if you have to try them all in one stay. :-)


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