07 May 2010

Do you speak Swan?

The lakes are bird territory once again, and the small patch of land that briefly had a sofa, is now occupied by one of two swan couples nesting. We sort of take our swans for granted, but in the 1920s the mute swan was becoming extinct. It was around that time they were declared an endangered species, and today we are up and running again. But still, when I see a man straddling a swan in broad daylight I find it hard to mind my own business. One thing about swans: they are loyal. The mate of the grounded swan tried to intervene, and made a big fuss from the waterside. And all the rest of the gang was there to show support. I gathered that the swan handling was friendly, and after about 5 minutes it was released.

It turns out the man was from the Zoological Museum, in charge of band marking the birds, and this young swan was missing an id. Having such an authority handy was like a present I could not resist opening. He squirmed much like the swan had done moments before, but I learned about the water plaque (you will too, in a later post) and just before I released him, he gave me the best news: the two nesting swans are expected to deliver in early June. 

Almost done. With a dry mouth from all that hissing.

I don't speak Swan, but I know a dirty look when I get one. 
And perhaps even a suggestion as to where to relocate that camera.


  1. love that post, i'm always in awe when i see what people who take care of nature do, especially with wild animals. just saw the movie oceans with my son (would have seen it otherwise, and i don't regret it)

  2. I am also grateful somebody is keeping a trained eye on the wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, the oil disaster going on right now in the US is heartbreaking. I hold my breath every time I read an update on how far it has spread.


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