02 May 2010

Faith restored

After yesterdays Slap In The Face, I received a golden tip from my old friend Skalle, that sort of makes up for it. He told me that the train station Vesterport, one stop from the Central Station, is hit by a blast from the glorious past. I hurried to make it, but it was not one moment too soon, as the covering up was already in progress.

Along one side of the rails, old hand painted advertisements in a sign language long forgotten, had been briefly exposed. The sun was teasing me, and whenever it went behind a sky, the trains came in and blocked my view. All the while the construction workers were closing in. I chased one down, and he told me that they are working hard to preserve the paint work, and that the cover job in progress is a temporary solution, to prevent vandalism. When they figure out how to do it best, it will be back on display. 

I could not be happier about this, or any more proud to live in a city that recognise the importance of preserving this kind of work. And I also can't help but wonder how advertising have spun so far out of control since then. How it got so over sexed, loud and ugly, so demeaning and downright obnoxious? Where does it state that it must be all this to lure you in? I for one would go straight for that mayonnaise if it was available today. In fact, I would demand it: M a y o.

Demand the pure mayonnaise, say: M a y o

If you like this kind of graphics, you would get a kick out of the Martin Klasch blog
with all kinds of surprises from old book covers to posters and art.


  1. I would demand this mayo, too! Stylish and trust-worthy. Great pictures.

  2. Great stuff - I wish it would still be here!

  3. Wow!!! De är fantastiska. Hur har de överlevt tills nu? Tack för reklamen ;)

  4. Selvtak, din blog er en fornøjelse at mæske sig i. De gamle reklamer har været pakket væk, og er lige blevet blottet et øjeblik fordi de skal arbejde i nærheden af dem. Men de bliver forhåbentlig dækket lynhurtigt igen, for jeg kan ikke bære det hvis der bliver tagget henover dem.

  5. Det vore förskräckligt om de blev förstörda. Kanske kan man sätta tjockt glas över dem...

  6. Ja, men glas er jo også en overflade der kan tagges på/overmales ... Jeg ved ikke hvilken løsning de ender på. Hundevagt? :-)

  7. ...eller nogen sultne krokodiller?


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