05 May 2010


Tonight it is 65 years ago that the allied troops liberated Denmark. At least this was the night it was announced. On the 5th of May it was enforced, making this a two day celebration. After 5 years of a strictly enforced black out, ordering all windows to be covered, with no light showing after dark, the first thing that went on the bonfire was the black out curtains. And every year, on this day, you will see candle lights in the windows. I took a late tour on my bike tonight to catch a few. And then rushed home to lit a pair of my own. Grateful to be free. 


  1. Sikke en smuk foto-idé. Dejligt at sådan en tradition overlever 65 år...

  2. Tak for foto- ros :-) Jeg blev også helt varm indeni over at der alligevel var så mange der stadig holder traditionen i hævd. Færre for hvert år tror jeg, jeg har ihvertfald ikke været god til det før, men det bliver jeg fra nu af.

  3. Enig, rigtig fin idé.
    Jeg gik en lille tur ned af min gade med min mand og mine forældre, og vi blev allesammen rigtig glade for at se de mange lys i vinduerne.
    Jeg glemmer det en gang i mellem, men i år huskede jeg det heldigvis.

  4. i like this photo very much. and the story behind. the only time i went to Copenhagen was at xmas time and i remember a lot of candles too. for different reasons obviously. it gives such a cozy feeling.

  5. That's quite a nice tradition & remembrance!
    Beautiful collage!
    Lovely week to you my dear~

  6. hi Carole and Lenore,
    Candlelights are a big part of "the hygge", but it was extra nice last night, it sort of made me feel part of a big family. I wish you a lovely week too.
    :-) Sandra

    Flora Amalie: velkommen hjem :-)

  7. Very interesting!
    So I think it was very hard during that time to keep the windows completely covered because everywhere in Scandinavia you see rooms without covering in the dark illuminated by lamps or candles. I like that very much. And a nice way to remember the liberation. :-)

  8. hi Ulrike,
    It is true, we don't cover our windows much. Maybe it is because we forever dream of more daylight. We are used to it, but I know that foreingners love "the show". :-)


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