14 May 2010

The park-mobile

This "car" has been on my hit list for so long that this post should come with a fanfare. It is one of two prototypes for a new cargo bike parking device, that I call the park-mobile. One is located on Vesterbro (pink), and one on Osterbro (green). It is so much bigger than I expected, about the size of a car and a half, and holds up to 4 cargo bikes. From banging on it with my knuckles, I learned that it is made from fiberglass, and much like a crazy Italian sports car the "doors" are vertical opening. The whole thing is just impressive, not to mention the fact that there are parts of Copenhagen where something this inviting can stay pink and unharmed.

As I was taking the pictures, one of the locals stopped by to give his praise. Apparently the parking situation with the bigger bikes is getting out of hand, along with the problem of people using them for toilets (!) and garbage disposals. It is interesting how some people see these big bikes as the enemy, and not the cars, taking up all the space, and bringing the real danger with the heavy hitting metal and toxic exhaust fumes. For every small family that owns a cargo bike, there is a car less on the streets. I say more power to them, we can not get the park-mobiles put into production fast enough.

Made by Goodmorning Technology, on initiative of the City of Copenhagen.


  1. What an immensely fashionable, bright car! How does it work, I wonder. Do the owners of the bikes have a key to open the 'pink beast'?

  2. Yes, as I understand it 4 lucky cargo bike owners have a key each, and their own guaranteed private parking spot. How cool is that? :-)

  3. super cool. i like it.

  4. That is cool! Happy weekend, Sandra!


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