26 May 2010

Robin in the Hood

The Armsrock exhibition "Zettelkasten" has hit the streets of Copenhagen. That of course means that no one forked out the asking price of 120.000 danish crowns for the entire show. With the big hype it made in the news here, I am convinced they could have made a nice profit splitting it up and selling it in separate pieces. But rather than sell it to the rich, they preferred giving it to the people. A nice change from the current line in Danish politics, if I may say so...

Cell phone mama, my favourite from the show.

A new one covering an old one.

 Aging with grace.


  1. Gorgeous photo!!! Lovely post...

  2. Thank you 5xPRO, I am happy to hear that. Thanks for stopping by my small slice of Copenhagen.

  3. hehe vi kommer vist de samme steder. De er altid gode ting at kigge på i den den af nørrebro :)

    De mænd og damer er fantastiske, man bliver helt forbavset og så glad når man ser dem stå og hænge et sted :)

  4. hej Martin, ja denne del af Nørrebro er ret fantastisk. For det meste. Jeg bliver også høj som på en skattejagt når jeg finder nye spændene ting. :-)


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