24 May 2010

Say cheese

It is a national holiday. Again. But because one of the sacred days are placed on a weekend, it is not as long as usual. On the bright side it keeps life in the city. On the not so bright side it makes my new insomniac party animal neighbour throw a 3 day 24 hour party on the other side of the paper thin walls. I feel like I have been beaten with an old couch. No matter how hard I try national holidays never work out for me.

But there was a highlight yesterday when I took a walk on Vesterbro. To get to Westend (a street curiously named in English), you must pass a gate, and on the inside of that there was a street art event in progress. The owners of the building have wisely acknowledged that the walls will be painted no matter what, and have invited the artist collective "Rumkammerat" (space buddy) to curate an ever changing show. The paint is sponsored, and every 3-5 weeks the walls are painted over by a new artist. I was curious if the streets would let the show stand, but it turns out the concept has gained some street credit, and in any case the prospect of the work being frequently painted over keeps most uninvited hands off. The contributions comes from all over the world, but this one is local. It is by the all female "Firmaet" (the firm), and the theme is the firms latest source of inspiration. I will let you guess which...


  1. that's an excellent idea. things seem to go so smoothly. what a change from our environment!

  2. It is a pretty good deal all around. And it reflects well on the neighbourhood, I think. There were so many real funny cheese details, but I still think my favourite is the straw. :-)

  3. how cheesy! love it, great little idea

  4. Hi Mat, it is interesting to see what happens when you legalize something.. this way you can still influence the outcome. I am going to go back for the next show, so you can stay properly updated. :-)

  5. Don't miss the book about the Wild at Westend project. Release date 23/4 2012.
    Location Westend.
    Time: 17:00

    1. Thank you for the tip, I will check it out!


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