01 May 2010

Sign of the times

I have been keeping an eye out for street signs lately, and to my surprise they are not all up to the same standards. You know how sometimes you get the distinct feeling that the ones in charge, and it can be pretty much of anything, say to themselves: ah, why bother, they won't be able to tell the difference? I have a sneaking suspicion this is what we are up against here. Starting from the top:

Simple, clean and beautiful, raised metal with painted letters. A classic.

This one blew me away. I suspect that the owner of the building has taken charge here, to avoid anything ugly being drilled into his beautiful old house. As a small way of thanking him, I am offering a nomination for a Classic Copenhagen Award, in the category Best Sign.

The latest version of the Copenhagen street sign, with a twist: Jagtvej was the one with the Youth House (if you don't know about the riots, I made a post about it here), that was the center of attention back in 2007. As a non-violent show of solidarity, Jagtvej was pasted over a large number of the city's street signs. This here was a rare case of both names showing. The stunt got a lot of attention, and proved the point that what happened on Jagtvej, happened to all of us. Today this poster-street-sign is highly collectible, and in this case probably worth more than the sign it is pasted on. 

And then this, I call it The Slap In The Face. I bet they thought we wouldn't notice. 

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