31 May 2010

True crime

Spotting a stolen bike is so easy that it is an insult how few actually get caught. Or rather how the law against stealing a bike appears to not be enforced at all. Danish TV2 recently made an undercover operation, mounting a gps to a cargo bike. This simple move caught a group of organised thieves on film, documenting every stage up until the resell of the stolen goods, fake papers and all. The gang was handed to the police on a platter, and still they have not been held responsible. The police awaits the bad guys to turn themselves in, and offer an explanation. That has not happened yet.

Before anyone starts telling me that the police have better things to do: last week they dedicated a whole day to stopping and fining bicyclists in violation of the traffic laws. Crossing a red light, riding on the sidewalk and so on. The raid made it to the evening news, and all the focus was on how badly we the bicyclists really needed a good talking to. I will admit that we have the occasional bad seeds, like the hard hat bullies, and they do deserve a slap on the wrist (and a few other places I can think of), but to single them out, all the while letting the bicycle thieves roam free, that is the true crime.

Copenhagen bicyclists on a vintage photo postcard, post stamped August 5 1938. 

Copenhagen: Bicyclists on Osterbrogade

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