08 June 2010

The 3rd dimension

Street art have taken a playful turn in Copenhagen. I first noticed the 3D movement about 5 years ago, when "tingfinder" (thing finder) stickers were attached to everyday objects, hanging from the drainpipes on Norrebro. Then came the "OEPS" girls with the plastic beadwork, that quickly became so popular that it did not stay for very long on the street before it was collected by a fan. And these days there is a reworking thing going on, using what is already there to make something new. The canvas needs no longer be a wall or even a flat surface, and the media is not limited to the invasive black markers or spray paint.

Instead of subtracting from what is underneath, it draws your attention towards it. It is unlikely I would have given this bear another look, have he not had on a clown collar and a coal nose. I predict that advertisers will pick up on this and start paying for it any day now.

The 3D glasses works extra well when placed on a poster face...

This one I took today: the classic Copenhagen yellow bus. A new favourite!

March 2005 "thing finder for kinky", whatever was attached was already taken.

Street art just makes me so happy!


  1. Me too. I always smile when I see it.

  2. Også mig. Jeg har aldrig set bjørnen eller bussen før. Hvor er det sjovt og godt tænkt.

  3. Funny enough, I was obsessed with that bear poster, and the other day, found one in near perfect condition just about to fall off a post. The one with the circus collar is great!

  4. The busses really made my day yesterday, and I agree that the bear even without the collar is pretty cool. And he changes his colors from poster to poster. Still, it was the extra that made me take his picture.

    Dejligt at høre fra Jer. :-D

  5. Oh, yes the bus! It is right next to a thai restaurant that I use in case of emergeny, and the bus just made my whole trip! :-)


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