30 June 2010

Deals on wheels

Between the Apes and the bicycle driven mini shops, we are seeing a lot of new and small mobile businesses. And not surprisingly the majority of these vendors are foreign. There does just not seem to be an appetite for breaking new ground, and starting up a one-man business in Denmark these days. Yet another reason I love the foreigners influence so much. This winter I came across a very cold English (-speaking) man, keeping his own small bicycle-driven espresso shop going. And just the other day I spotted this guy from my bike. I caught up with him, and I would have been very surprised if he had turned out to be Danish. Which he wasn't. I asked him how his business was doing, and he told me that he sells his corn mainly to the tourists, but the (insert curse word here) Danes just do not get it. I did not have the heart to tell him that the real business this time a year is in refreshments, in creamy ice and fresh fruit. Not hot corn on the cob. Not now. But how do you kill an initiative so cool, complete with that outfit?



  1. That's Jura. He used to hand out newspapers on city hall square. Here he is in action.

    Actually, many bike vendors are Danish, too. Have a look at this selection.

    Most important ever? The Cocktail Bike!

  2. Whoa, you are way ahead of me! I completely forgot about the soup boys too (Danish, you are right), I used to buy from them at Højbro Plads in the wintertime. But the cocktail wagon is news to me. Deals on wheels are the best! :-)

  3. Hot knob corn man, I feel for him! Oh well, his season will come and I hope his business will manage to survive until then. (Maybe you should have suggested to him to sell corn AND ice-cream?) xxx

  4. Hopefully there are just enough corn happy tourists to keep his wheels in motion. In any case I like the flavour he brings to the bicycle lanes. :-)


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