04 June 2010


The annual Distortion party is on in Copenhagen. It started 10 years ago as an underground party, popping up in your neighbourhood, with a sound system on a cargo bike, and plenty of cheap lukewarm canned beer. Over the years the 5-day party has gained a large following, they have a bigger budget, and every single event is followed religiously by the press. The program is extensive, and every day the party moves on to a new neighbourhood, yesterday was mine. According to the Distortion newsletter the body count on Norrebro yesterday reached 29.700. Not so underground anymore.

The police kept an eye on things, staying back, and the spirit was in true Distortion style all over friendly. No broken shop windows, and no destructive bonfires in the street. With the new found budget the loudspeakers have grown larger, and it was nearly impossible to separate the different kinds of music placed so close together. Looking back I am not sorry that I missed the half hour monster pillow fight on Sankt Hans Square, or any of the larger events within the block party. I was happy with the paint party on the bridge, and the amazing balloon guy with his flying boats. And mostly I am happy that the 29.700 drunken, peeing party heads today has taken all the fun with them to Vesterbro.

No Distortion block party is complete without the trapped octopus.

A flying boat on each side of the bridge. The balloon man fought hard to make this happen.

An open 30 meter long canvas, free for all to decorate, with a Jamaican and Gambian show on top.

Grab a brush.

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  1. Finefine billeder af ballonerne og blæksprutten, der dog var blevet lidt mindre i år. Åh, Distortion var sjauuu.

  2. Der var et par ekstra arme jeg ikke fik med i billedet, men det er vist rigtigt nok at han var større engang... Det er altså en af verdens bedste fest ideer, med en indespærret blæksprutte maskot! :-)


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