25 June 2010

Parade poopers

I spent a good hour waiting around for the bicycle parade, the show of alternative bicycles and a band transported on cargo bikes. And just when I gave up and started biking in the opposite direction, there they were. They caught me totally off guard as they raced by my sleepy shutterspeed, and to my big disappointment I did not get even one good shot. But I can tell you that Hans on the tallbike was King, and we got him covered already. 

The biggest surprise was the aggressive drivers, even the bus drivers showed little patience with the 6 minute disruption, and broke up the parade in several places. It sort of ruined the happy atmosphere for me, this me-first, and I-don’t-care, let-me-through attitude. The poor bicycle parade guards, with their orange shirts and flower decorated bikes were simply brushed off. 

Case in point: I caught this bus driver as he nearly ran me over, breaking through the parade with what turns out to be with one hand...

Greetings from the public transportation of Copenhagen. Like you need another reason to take the bike.

Father and son?

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