21 June 2010

The name game

You know how I some time ago had a laugh about how Oprah saw the Danes? How easy it was for the world to believe that we are all living in a fairy tale? Well, I had a closer look at us, and it turns out we are no better. You would think that living in a small country, smaller than some states in the USA, that we would feel united. But in reality we are constantly dividing each other in to them and us. The young, the old, the immigrants, the unemployed and so endlessly on. The native Copenhageners are complaining about how the country side, the Jutlanders, are taking over the city. And when the Danes not too long ago made a record contribution to Haiti on a televised charity event, the columnists were all over the deed. Questioning the hidden motives for all this good: perhaps someone felt guilty about being so privileged? Perhaps someone was buying a clean consciousness?

And then there is the latest thing, don’t ask me how they get away with such an idiotic label: the café latte segment. The press enjoys the label, and it is understood that no one wants to belong there. The label suggests that you (the coffee drinker) are better off than the average person, and mocks you for taking the time to sit there and have a cup of coffee while the world is falling apart. Ignorant, full of yourself, living in that selfrighteous and perfect bubble. You see why I call that assumption idiotic, don’t you? I know of no one who leads a life like that. But I do know people who occasionally meet at a cafe to have an overpriced cup of coffee to catch up with a newspaper or an old friend. 

And I have to wonder where this need to compartmentalise everybody and everything comes from? Why is it so hard to believe that we basically all have the same needs? That not one group are monsters, and that maybe if we took a look at ourselves we would realise that we are not that bad. Or perhaps not that good.



  1. I hear you sista! peace and love! Prejudices are a plenty between the two main halves of our country sadly.

  2. The vilification of the coffee drinker? That's just mean! What about Italian life style, French joie de vivre...?
    I once learned that every group structure is based on alphas, betas and omegas - the omegas are the black sheep. It's sad, but it seems to be a very human desire to have someone to blame for all misery in life. (and I'm obviously having my chatty evening) tata!

  3. wow! that's so strange but lovely

  4. Sabine, of course you are right. Mocking a Dane for drinking coffee with or without steamed milk, is like mocking an Italian for eating pasta or the French for drinking red wine. There are times when I feel very Omega in my own country... Oh, and I love it when you are chatty, do go on. :-)

    Hi Mat, the coffee, right? Someone made that little guy, and served it like it was no big deal. I was blown away. :-)


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