01 June 2010

On sleepy potatoes and magic cucumbers

It is hard to believe that only 15 years ago the selection at the vegetable market was pretty much apples and oranges, with the occasional exotic highlight of a kiwi or an avocado. Touching the food was not allowed, and if you tried you would receive a good talking to (and I did, because how can you be expected to buy vegetables without smelling and touching?). All you were allowed to do was order, and they would fill the brown paper bags from a box in the back. Since then the ethnic diverse population has spiced things up and introduced Copenhagen to a whole new world of food. From restaurants and fast food places to the big variety of food markets.

I have come to think of my local vegetable dealers Hassan and Fauzi from Hind Market as my friends, we always have a chat, and they are better updated on what is happening in my life than the sparse remains of my own family. The market is open from before most shops open, until after most shops close, and there is always something new I am encouraged to taste and learn about. Today I learned that new potatoes, just like nuts by the way, sleeps better with the lights off (or they will turn green). And Hassan pulled out a vegetable knife to peel and offer a sample of yet another strange fruit: a baby honey melon, that to my surprise starts out as a tasty little cucumber. It is things like that, that makes this dark and cold and miserable "spring" day worth getting out of bed for.

Baby melons, in the shape of round little cucumbers.

This one is from my Hind photo archives, I think it was some kind of coconut?

There is always a little something for the children. Even if half of them don't say thank you.

New Danish potatoes, sweet little things.

Schyyy, don't wake the new Danish potatoes... or they will turn green. 

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