03 July 2010

All that jazz

As always during Roskilde Festival the city calms way down. And at the same time Copenhagen Jazz Festival sets in, with the many outdoor concerts in The Kings Garden, and on nearly every square in the city. I am not a big jazz fan, and I break out in hives when it sounds like the instruments are fighting, if you know what I mean? But some of it sneaks up on me anyway, blending with the city heat creating an almost holiday like atmosphere. Today's post is written on the back of store receipts as I camp out under a big tree in The Kings Garden, listening to live jazz.

Saturday is also the day for the many outdoor flea markets. They all have their own flavour, like the one along the canal, across from the Danish Parliament, that caters mainly to tourists, and especially those from the cruise ships. You will find lots of eh... traditional stuff like Royal Copenhagen porcelain, figurines and silver wares. But there is always a treasure waiting for me there, and the good thing about the reputation among my fellow hunters, is that the competition is low. Tomorrow is another flea market, but that one I will be attending as a seller. And I will be going there on a cargo bike that I borrowed from the City, but that is another story for another day...

French towel rack for the kitchen, how cool is that? Hands, something, something, glasses. Carole, help?

Today's low budget harvest.

I stumbled upon this guy on my way out of The Kings Garden. You gotta love a bike lover!


  1. I bought a blue cookie jar with camomile flowers on it, it fell from the top of my cupboard, so now its even got more flair.

    Top buy ever! :)

  2. It is crazy, just hearing about other peoples flea market finds puts me in a good mood. I hope more people share theirs here, let's make it a happy wave. :-)

  3. Der står "hænder, knive, bestik, glas", så vidt min indre franskmand husker.

    Vi købte i går en sej italiensk pastamaskine for en 50'er og en grøn 70'er-dåse med hjerter på.


  4. Åh, godt med en oversættelse! Idag har jeg solgt ud af mine allerbedste ting, og der var nogen der næsten fik tårer i øjnene af kup-ekstase. Og jeg købte et fantastisk glaseret askebæger (til dimser) med en fin svane ridset ind i bunden. Bølgeeeeeee.

  5. hands, knives, dishes, glasses.
    so you're not a big jazz fan? i grew up with jazz although i listen to many other things. ah and i love dissonant instruments fighting with each other. but i totally understand people who don't. sorry i don't have time to comment a lot these days, i'm swamped. but it should go back to normal at the end of the month.
    enjoy all the festivities :)

  6. Hi Carole, I know you are busy with the big move, I hope everything is going smoothly, and that you found a great place to live. :-)


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