15 July 2010

Calculate that

In the age of the number crunchers quality overall has suffered. Corners are cut, most of them on another continent entirely, and profit is the highest priority. I see this not as a sign of healthy and forward thinking, but more of a way of wetting your pants: nice and warm as long as you can sell the product in the name of the quality that used to be. But this move, should it prove unprofitable in the long term, is not as easily reversed. Once discounted there is no instant restoring of the value that in some cases took generations to build.

Lately I have learned that customers are starting to inquire about the story behind what they are buying. In the world of fashion accessories, to stay in my own backyard, if something is hand made by a small designer, then people are willing to pay a little more. And judging from the speed with which quality bakeries are popping up everywhere right now, this is not an isolated case. We may be in the middle of a financial crisis, but it would seem that what we want to invest in is quality. I can not wait to see the number crunchers try and calculate their way out of that.

Speaking of quality, say hello to the undisputed King of cake: La Glace. Still serving the legendary hot chocolate (using the word "cocoa" will earn you a spanking, this chocolate is made from the real deal) with whipped cream and a slice of heavenly cake.

Cakes, art and love removes all difficulties.


  1. You are addressing an interesting issue here, we (= consumers) want to buy authentic, but these days it's not so easy to know if they are independent companies - Molton Brown, Green & Black's etc. etc. all belong to big companies these days, and most of the fashion labels anyway.
    But these 'independent' cakes made with 'art & love' look truly delicious!

  2. Hi Sabine, it is not so transparent these days, I think this is why the consumer is asking more questions. And I love that. In the end the consumer holds all the power, we all seem to forget that sometimes. If you are ever in Copenhagen I will treat you to a cake orgy at La Glace. :-)

  3. With 60,000 barrels of oil still pouring into the gulf, the question of corners cut is very poignant.~ian Melb

  4. Hi Ian, I is heartbreaking, the pictures they did not want us to see are starting to surface, of destroyed sealife, dolphins, turtles, pelicans... But I understand that they have finally stopped the leak, as of yesterday.


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