18 July 2010

Cutwork riddle

I sympathise with the people in this house, who have to go through this hot and beautiful summer wrapped in plastic! As I sympathise with anyone subjected to the insane noise only scaffolding workers can produce. I swear they must take a special class in how to wake up the most people at the earliest hour possible... The cutwork on this plastic wrap has me in knots, I just can't make it out. Lie, love, something?


  1. LIE + [Heart] = WISDOM? maybe...

    I don't know how they do it, but I've got a hunch that builders got through a special training how to be extra loud.

  2. Oh, maybe.. (to both, haha). I was thinking LIE + (HEART) WITHIN. You can imagine how this mystery is keeping me up at night.. :-)

  3. Det ser ihvertfald fedt ud!


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