04 July 2010

A free ride

I had booked a spot on the flea market today, and with that I was in need of one: a car, or two: a cargo bike. My co-flea'ster let me on to the new possibility of borrowing a cargo bike from the city, and I quickly located my local branch. They occupy a beautiful low house in a backyard, only a block from me, and everything looks so picture perfect: a huge carved out wood swan on the roof of the entrance, scattered vegetation and a funky old sign posing by something that looks like a barn door. It all both looked and sounded too good to be true. And of course it was.

10 days ago I started with the phone calls. With no one answering, I moved up to visiting the office. Twice. I emailed. Still no luck. Finally I got through to a woman slightly embarrassed to inform me that they have just closed the bike-lending-option for the summer. Luckily that only goes for my neighbourhood, as it turns out the rest of Copenhagen is still up and running. And even if I don't live in the very centre of Copenhagen, as per the rules, they allowed me to borrow a cargo bike. All it took was one phone call, and I was set up. And here comes the best part: I picked it up at my local supermarket, Irma. For a small deposit I got the bike, 4 lights and two locks. Other than the headache from banging my forehead against the local branch, this is the closest thing to a free ride.

And the flea market on Onkel Dannys Plads (the square named after my favourite Danish poet: Uncle Danny) turned out to be amazing! The next one is on August 1st, and I recommend that you catch it if you can. I am just going to go ahead and throw in a nomination for a Classic Copenhagen Award in the category Best Flea Market. It was that good!

Sequins, silk scarves and fake noses, no flea market complete without it.

A cool customer.


  1. very cool.
    i'll be at a stand at the flea market behind frederiksberg city hall on saturday from 9-14! come by and say hello! we can do a double blogpost about meeting. look for the red bullitt cargo bike.

  2. Ill be there saturday or sunday, and thats a promise! :)Onkel Dannys plads is a really cool name too.

  3. Hi Mikael, I haven't been around the Frederiksberg fleas for years, but now I will go on saturday, and look for the red bullit. And a double blogpost sounds really cool too! :-)

    Uden Relevans,
    You must go see Uncle Danny on the sunday, it is only one day, and only once a month. :-)

  4. Okay next time its the first sunday then!

  5. Jeg skal helt sikkert med til det næste loppemarked på Vesterbro. Jeg har hørt så meget godt om det. Der er hermed sat et stort rødt X i kalenderen den 1. august. Det ser fint-fint ud.


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