27 July 2010

Get out of town, part two

I have been struggling to come up with something that describes the second part of my day trip out of Copenhagen. It was the annual Gilleleje Harbour Festival, a 5 day family oriented thing complete with an amusement park, tents and an outdoor stage for the sing-along festivities. As I was sorting through the pictures from that night to post, it dawned on me exactly how I felt: alone. From looking at the pictures it even seems that way, there is no telling that the place was packed with families and strollers and fries and beer. It is not my first time of feeling like a zebra, with no sense of belonging, and it is never a good thing. And it has nothing to do with feeling superior, a man like our Prime Minister blended right in. Were it not for the tall and handsome men in the dark suits guarding him, I would not even have noticed the chubby little man in the green sweater. I can't explain it any better, but I do know that as I returned to Copenhagen that night I was breathing easier.

Free the beach jackpot (I should have asked...)

Speedy's sausage bar. The number one lookout post for the giant seagulls. 

Do not feed the seagulls. They are quite capable of taking care of that themselves, thank you very much.

Logo of the chopped liver Stryhns.

Detail from the Easyriders Bike Show carnival ride (believe it or not).

The grill, a.k.a. the smiling sausage.

House of horrors...


  1. Its just so provinsial :)

    I kinda like it, in small doses.

  2. I usually try to make the best out of things, but there was zero take off in this case. Defeat. Dammit.

  3. What caused it? Feeling out of place? But I'm happy you took some great pictures!
    BTW, I left you a little tag in my post today. It doesn't even come with work ;-) xoxo

  4. Uh, thank you for the spotlight, you are so sweet! :-D On feeling like a zebra, this is something that starts early in life, I guess. Nothing to do with the audience at that place. But my camera was a good friend, and we made the best of it. Big hug and have a nice vacation :-)

  5. i can relate to your feeling, even with a 5 year old son, and a husband and a family and all that. we went to disneyland recently, and it was like that "i'm NOT belonging!!!"

  6. hi Carole, I can imagine I would feel like that in Disneyland too. But then I have not tried it with husband and child, it may sweeten the deal. Or maybe not, haha. Forever zebra. :-)


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