29 July 2010

Give me a break

In the absence of the vacation I so badly need, I turn to my camera and my city for a make believe break. And yesterday it came in the shape of cut out animals hanging out in the streets. First I spotted the monkey, and I was particularly happy with the tail action, improvising the way a live monkey would. And as I got ready to part with him, I spotted the next, and the next, I tell you it was like a safari. The kind where you have to look for a while before the animals reveal themselves to you. When I moved real close, I realised they were all meticulously handpainted with colored pencils on smaller pieces of paper, cut out and pasted together to create the long images. Can you imagine the time and the effort that goes into that?  This I would surely have missed had I been lounging on some tropical beach with Mr. Taking His Sweet Time To Get Here...

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  1. I'm always totally amazed by your 'finds'. One of them would have been special, but you located a whole zoo. Great pictures!

  2. I am so happy you think so, I really had the feeling that I was treated to something special when I found them, and I loved the fact that I did not see them all at once, it was like a big present. It has been raining ever since I took the pictures, so I am afraid to go back and check up on their state...

  3. I love love love street art!

    Have I ever said that? :)

  4. Not to me, anyway. I love love love it too. Both comments and street art. :-)


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