06 July 2010

Shut uuuuuuuup!

It is just my shitty luck to get a teenager for a new neighbour, that screams instead of talking, never sleeps and always keep very loud company. You may know the type, it is not that he is mean, it is probably his first apartment, and from the way the voices bounces off the walls and into my apartment, one with no furniture. I meant to post something yummy and ice cream related, but instead I am involuntarily sucked into my neighbour and his friends holiday plans. Getting a lot more information that I want, plus a nice headache trying to tune it out. Please don't turn me into that bat crazy neighbour that complains about it. You little f****r!


  1. Ha! I've got one of them in the house... She also happens to use Coco Mademoiselle, which I immediately tried after you mentioned Coco. It smells nice (in fact, I was the one of gave it to her), but sadly I dont know the original Coco, so I can't compare.
    Hope your neighbour will quieten down soon. Or maybe he'll get a girlfriend... Just imagine the noises then!

  2. Hahaha, that is exactly what I am trying to tell myself: it could be worse. Of course I ended up telling them to take it down a notch, so now I am that person (dammit). On Coco, the Mademoiselle is not bad either, but you must put your nose in the real thing when you get the chance, it is heaven. :-)

  3. A wise man once said.

    This will also come to pass.

    Meaning things are gonna change, whatever you like them to or not. :) Use this to think positively and wish for a positive change.

  4. Oh, but it did come to an end. Four o clock this morning...

    All that is left now is the cosy sounds of summer from the street, coming through my open windows. How is that for a positive change?

  5. I guess you should have been there...


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