22 July 2010

The soft core

There is something going on in the streets that I for lack of a better expression can only describe as soft core street art. It stands out from the rest in a couple of ways. Most importantly it is non invasive, it is not about destroying what is underneath, and another thing that really appeals to me is that it is not about self promotion or marking a territory. In many ways it is the exact opposite of advertising. These anonymous contributions shows up in the most unexpected places, and I imagine this is what an American easter egg hunt must feel like.

The yarn bombing/knit graffiti movement is one variety of soft core street art. First I spotted a woman on a knitted bike (well almost), and once my focus was on the yarn it seemed to pop up everywhere. Shortly after that I spotted a political knitted piece by the Parliament, and as I began to research, I discovered this amazing art project that I completely missed back in 2006, when Danish artist Marianne Jørgensen as a comment on the war in Iraq covered a tank in pink crocheted squares. In my defence it was before I started blogging about Copenhagen, but still, how did I miss a pink tank in the streets?

But soft does not have to mean knitted, this one of the bottlenecked guys came to me on a particularly crappy day, making it instantly better. It really was the next best thing to a hug.

"Shh, der spares" Hush, somebody's cutting costs by Knitit
Parked in public back in 2006. Photo borrowed from the site of Marianne Jørgensen


  1. The tank is an American M24 Chaffee with Chevron belts, this is what it looked like after a while.


  2. Aw, that is just downright depressing... Can nothing stay pink in this world? :-)

  3. PS! I am thinking this is maybe not an "after" picture, as much as a "before". If you watch the video of the creation process on her website, that would make more sense... Ah, faith in humanity restored.

  4. hey, how are you Sandra! i'm back and in sunny california. love the knitting, and the bottles...

  5. Hi Carole, congratulations on the relocation. I am looking forward to hear updates from my new source in California. :-)

  6. Ah okay didnt check the vid, I am just familiar with the tank :o).


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