12 July 2010

Welcome New York Times readers*

... sure is cool here ikke/don't you think? Much like myself, the City has a way of starting a project, and then just letting it sit. I guess it was only a matter of time before a street artist addressed it. Bert uses construction sites for a canvas, and his graphic and humorous style really takes the mess to another level. The first time I got wind of him was when he planted giant nipples on the Kings New Square. And now I find myself looking for his work every time I pass a construction site. Fighting the urge to bring a screwdriver, and take it with me home...

Suzanne Bjerrehuus: Danish TV personality famous for being famous. 

*Copenhagen is currently 5th on the New York Times list of 31 places to go in 2010.


  1. Ah, how subversive! Is he the new (building site) Banksy, I wonder?
    No. 5, ey?, very impressive - especially since I hardly know numbers 1-4.

  2. I took the top pictures sunday, and the streets were packed with tourists. It really was too hot to be in the city, and all they had to look at was each other. It was not a number 5 moment, let me tell you... :-)

  3. Åh hvor sejt!!! med det Fine kunst halløj - det vil jeg kigge efter!!

    Tænk at kbh er nummer fem?!? Gad godt vide hvad de havde mål efter, for syntes godt nok her er ulideligt i sommervarmen for tiden :-)

  4. I posted the Berlin street art I promised :)

    (plug plug).

  5. Hej Provins, det er ret fantastisk at blive udnævnt som nr 5. Det er også en fortjent plads, hvis man altså rammer byen fra den rigtige vinkel. Jeg har sådan lyst til at tage turisterne i hånden og vise dem rundt, så de ikke lander i fælden. En rejseoplevelse er altid bedst når man kender en i byen. :-)

  6. Sandra, thanks for the attention. That´s a fine photo you´ve got of "N.Y.Times"...could I use it?
    All the best, Bert Hagen.

  7. Hi Bert, I would be honored if you do. It was nice of you to stop by the blog, as you may have guessed I am a big fan of your work. Keep it coming! :-) Sandra


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