31 August 2010

A fresh approach

I'm officially done moping about the rain. All you can do about it anyway is stay prepared. My Dutch friend that was here during the very wet fashion week recently, told me that Copenhageners in her opinion are the coolest rain-dressers. I never thought of that before, but then again, we would have to be by now. I ruined a lot of footwear before finally succumbing to a decent pair of rain boots (Hunter, it's a joke how we all wear them), and if I had the space I would get them in more colors. And then do like the cool Japanese couple I spotted in a supermarket in New York: get two pairs in complimentary colors, and wear a different color on each foot.

Here are some of the ways we stay dry: a lot of Danish women love this brand with plenty of funky 1970's vibe prints, Danefae. Another domestic brand focusing on wet gear is Ilse Jacobsen, you can see a part of her rain selection in this online shop. For myself I like to go hunting for vintage rain outfits (oh, and the rain hats..), the spy trench coat in heavy black rubber is unbeatable. Although I have yet to find one that does not smell like a hundred smoked cigars once it gets wet.

When it comes to protecting my leather gloves in the upcoming seasons, riding my bike in rain and snow, I am planning to invest in a pair of oversized rubber gloves. With the climate acting up this way across the world, I have a feeling that we will all need to adjust. We might as well do it in style, in the spirit of this one:


What the French use on the pebbled beaches, taken one step further.

And from the Italians, the Rain Level measure boot.

If you know more good ways of staying out of the water, throw me a line!


  1. I use my beloved Burberry umbrella and regular footwear like boots, the secret is to use some sealerspray and lots of it to keep your footwear watertight.

    I considered the Burberry rainboots, but decided that would be going over the top :)

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  3. Hi Uden Relevans, I think I am going to overstock on that sealer spray, and try if it works on clothes too. :-)

    Hi Eri, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Instead of wearing wellies (which are cool indeed)... Staying indoors, drinking hot chocolate and watching loooads of DVDs maybe?

  5. Oh, Sabine, this is exactly why I ruined so much footwear before I got the rain boots, you think you have the option stay out of the rain.. but life goes on, and you must too. But it is true, nothing is cosier than staying indoors when the rain is making noises, and be dry and entertained. :-)

  6. in ny, the rain is usually so heavy that you have no choice because you have to step in puddles that are 10cm deep. so i bought a pair of wellies, but then i also used waterproof timberlands and doc martens that are not too bad too for rain. i must say i don't like rain, in find rain coats uncomfortable and being wet unpleasant. good thing i moved to LA, where it seems to never rain. im getting rid of the wellies, and keeping the rest, just in case.

  7. By the way Sandra, what is that "What the French use on the pebbled beaches,"?

  8. Hi Carole, the rubber shoes in the picture is actually my feet on wet Parisian ground. They are made in France for the beach life, if you want to protect your feet from stones and animals and stuff in the water. Maybe it is an old fashion thing for the scary cats? I just loved that they looked like real shoes.

  9. we use to have jellies, those ugly plastic sandals (i think prada and other luxury brand sell them now for hundreds of $$$). never saw those before... i missed something ;(

  10. Ha ha hvor er de fede - dem der måler vandstanden altså!! og lidt uhyggelig hvis man kobler dem til global opvarmning og alle de oversvømmelser der er i verdenen nu :-(


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