12 August 2010

The great counter pressure

Back in 2001 when our present hostile-to-creativity-and-all-things-not-fitting-into-squares government got elected, I was seated at a dinner of movie makers, you know the idealistic kind, newly bred and aching to make a difference in the world of documentary filming. In the quire of opposers of evil, I dared suggest that in view of history, the pressure would only encourage a creative counter pressure, and that it in the long run could prove fruitful. Not a popular thing to say, the party never really took off for me after that. But I dare say that I was right. The Danish documentary scene has never been stronger, harvesting well deserved nominations and awards from the picky likes of Sundance (I love you Robert Redford, I do!), Oscar and The Golden Palms. To name a few: Burma VJ, Armadillo, Ghosts of Cité SoleilMy Grandfathers Murderer and The Red Chapel.

And it goes for every pressure applied. The "smoking is going to rip your guts out" campaigns has launched quite a few counter attacks worth another look (remember this one?). And when something becomes fashionable, there is always someone pulling in the opposite direction. I love it when we don't agree, amicably, creatively and if possible with that twisted sense of humor.

Buy your own cigarettes.

If you smoke during pregnancy, you must remember to smoke for two.

Fixie bikes are gaining territory. I am not opposed to anything that comes in this color combination.

But some feel strongly against them... F*ck fixie, drive the maxi


  1. ahahah, i suppose there are great things happening in france then, because it seems that is getting closer to a dictatorship everyday.

  2. Hi Carole, you know it could be. According to my homecooked theory, anyway. We already know that the French are able to speak their mind, and marc in the streets, more so than any other people I know of. I am headed for Paris soon, I can't wait!

  3. oh great, have fun in Paris!if you want to take a look at this...

  4. Carole, thank you for that link, I love good food :-)


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