15 August 2010

A peace offering

Now I feel bad about yesterdays bashing of Copenhagen Fashion Week. Just because the girls don't eat does not mean that the fairy tale quality of it all is not at times intoxicating. After all I'm not dead, just in sore need of a vacation. And after half an ocean broke on the parade of the worlds longest catwalk yesterday, I figure Copenhagen needs a kind touch, and perhaps a little sugar. Remember the tradition of La Glace from last season, when Stories designed the fashion week window? This time around designer Ole Yde, who incidentally opened fashion week with a spectacular show, masterminded the cake fest. There is an almost 1920's feel to the whole setup and the powdery colors, and I love the way he mixed up the ingredients like it was fabric, and had "whipped cream" do the impossible. Love to La Glace and Ode to Ole:

I uploaded the cake shots extra large (just click), in case you are in need of a yummy wallpaper. 


  1. wow, that's incredible. in my home town we have an baker/artist doing amazing things too, and it's very good too. are those just decorative or can you buy them and eat them?

  2. hi Carole, the small green macarones you can buy, or at least you could during fashion week, but the rest is just for show I think. But I would love to have a bite of any of them, mmm, just to chase those early fall blues away.

  3. Det ligner bestemt en tæskelækker kombination af Ole Yde og La Glace. Haps/haps


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