21 August 2010

A proud day

I somehow managed to miss every Copenhagen Pride gay parade there ever was. Including today's, passing through my neighbourhood earlier. But I did follow the progress on twitter, tormented by the self inflicted pain known as a hangover. Around the time I regained total control of my own body, the parade had reached it's final destination Town Hall Square, where I caught up with them.

It was easy to tell that the party is running on its fourth day, the girls were worn out, the make up was not entirely in the right places anymore, and the heels were coming off. But it was still a show, and I was pleasantly surprised that there were absolutely no aggression or hate to be detected. Quite the contrary. Far from all were dressed up, I just zoomed in on that part, there were lots of "rainbow families" and "civilians" of all generations holding hands. Which is interesting, because when I read about the event a lot of people commented on the flashy side of things. Gays claiming to be stereotyped by this event, and boycotting it entirely. But in reality all kinds were represented, and regardless of ones sexual preference it was an event to be proud of.

Norrebrogade salutes the parade:

Rainbow banner house

The Tiber salutes the gay pride parade in Copenhagen

The parade left behind a trail of confetti, champagne bottles, and a small salute to The Tiber.

Only hours later it was cleaned up by the city. Copenhagen rules!

Pretty pink

Full of grace

A drag

Group hug

The no-toe Barbie legs

It was not until I got home that I noticied the no-toe Barbie feet. Fascinating.

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