11 August 2010

A Scandinavian delight

Copenhagen is so close to Sweden that it is easy to forget that you are crossing a border. A 35 minute train ride takes you from the centre of Copenhagen to the centre of Malmö, and once you get there everything is not only cheaper but also in a subtle way different. Understanding the language is not too difficult to anyone who worshipped Pippi Longstocking and Emil on Swedish TV from an early age. But the Swedes will look at you like a deer caught in the headlights if you start speaking Danish, ours really must be a frightening language to a foreigner.

But fortunately some still manage to break down the barriers. The other day I came across a Danish/Swedish wedding reception held in the public park Orstedsparken. The wedding mobile, a white Christiania cargo bike, was decorated with the mandatory "licence plate" and white tulle. I am not a wedding crier, but I have a feeling I would have made an exception at this one.

Nygifta / just married


  1. very very cute. i've never been to sweden although i know a lot of swedish because my best friend works for a swedish company. did i miss something? i always think of lars von trier's kingdom (l'hôpital et ses fantômes in french, riget in danish? i checked on imdb) when it comes to denmark and sweden.

  2. It is a funny thing, I was born on Riget, and I now live right next to it. When my time comes I will probably end up there too, how is that for a creepy thought? Haha.

  3. oh dear... i cannot imagine such a place exists! are strange things happening in there? ;-)

  4. Well, it is a hospital and not exactly a cosy hangout. Once you have seen the Von Trier show you never see Riget the same way again... :-)


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