16 August 2010

Speaking of spokes

As happy as I am with my clean set of wheels, un-pimped and simple as the day I bought it, fact remains that we are entering the peak period of bike theft. As Mikael from Copenhagenize is reminding us on twitter: "Bike theft rises by 80% (!) in August and September in Denmark. Bloody students". All of the sudden I find myself considering making my beautiful bike not unattractive, because I could not bear that, but perhaps instantly recognisable. The compromise I came up with was nailpolish on the spokes,  I was even considering throwing in a bottle of Chanel for the luxe of it.

And since that idea came to me, I seem to notice a spike in spoke pimping. On the same day I found this one, I spotted another rushing by, with a single flyer/sticker in the wheel. It makes perfect sense too, because thieves are by definition lazy (or they would go and fix, buy, build their own damn bikes), and both decorating and untangling spokes takes an effort they would be likely to avoid. But any ideas on how to pimp in style are welcome. Do tell, what is your best trick?

Going all the way...

Spoke pimping

Pimp detail

Vs. keeping it simple

ERD monogrammed bike

Sticker pimped


  1. No one can secretly sneak off with a bike like this! But it's really annoying, I once read that in Berlin every 26 seconds or so a bicycle gets stolen. Shame!!!!

  2. i love the idea of personalizing things anyway, for a purpose or not (except cars maybe). I often paint stuff or sew things to them. just for the fun of it.

  3. Hello Sabine, welcome back to the daily life :-) On the bikes, I think making them stand out is really effective. I am considering making a group on flickr on bike pimping, to see what is being done around the world. It would be nice with a little inspiration.

  4. Hi Carole, I am warming up to the embellishment thing. And I know how I regretted not making my other bikes stand out more, when I went looking for them after they were stolen (oh, yes I did). This is the kind of denial I am in: I still keep the keys from the bikes I lost.

  5. Fin scraper bike, den øverste...

  6. Ja, jeg har spejdet efter flere, men det er den eneste jeg har set herhjemme. Jeg fik det her link på flickr (måske af dig?):

    The original scraper bike team

    Bare det breder sig!


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