27 August 2010

Street art to the rescue

Anyone who has been keeping up in here knows about my severe allergies to the grotesque amount of advertising forced upon us. There a very few sacred spots left for the eye to get that much needed rest, and in order to get through the day I have learned to tune it out. And with this selective blindness I sometimes fear that the important stuff passes below the radar. But with street art I find that my senses are returning, sharper than ever, and every time I spot a great new piece I feel like I have won a prize.

One of my favorites is Littlebrother, who places cartoonish eye stickers on everyday objects like garbage cans and lamp posts. I had been spotting them around Copenhagen for a while, when I started posting the shots on flickr. And this was where Littlebrother got in touch to introduce himself. As with most street artists I have no idea who he is. Or if he is even a he. All I need to know is that Littlebrother is partly responsible for my restored vision. I ask no more.

Big mouth

Garbage can face


Littlebrother was here

Big eater

Now this is interesting: there is no way I would take a picture of this bore of a coffee sign had it not been for the instant face. All of the sudden this sad bean had a personality deserving of a photograph, you can't pay for that kind of attention:

Mr. Bean

 And what does the coffee chain do?

Some people you just can't reach...


  1. Jeg har umiddelbart ikke set Littlebrothers street art før, men hvor er det bare fint. Han formår da virkelig at pifte en skraldespand op.

  2. Når man først har fået øjenkontakt med sådan et par, så kan man ikke lade være med at kigge efter flere. De dukker kun op engang imellem, og er altid placeret med omhu.

  3. Tusind tak for this great blog. I'm unfortunately leaving Copenhagen so your blog will be one of my links back to this great little place. Looking forwards to future posts!

  4. Hi Bryant, I am so happy that you like my blog, and I will do my best to keep you updated on Copenhagen in the future. Have a safe journey, and stay on(the)line. :-) Sandra

  5. Go Littlebrother & Go Sandra for spotting these things. We had a long discusssion yesterday if Banksy is one person or actually a group... In any case - long live street art!

  6. It always makes me happy to meet someone who share that love. I am dying to see the Mr. Brainwash documentary on Banksy "exit through the gift shop" , but small productions like that always take their sweet time to get here.

  7. Much love :)


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