10 August 2010

Wonderful Copenhagen

One of the most famous prints in the history of Danish posters is the one by Viggo Vagnby of a duck family crossing the street. A masterpiece from 1959 entitled "Wonderful Copenhagen". But by 1985 nobody thought much of it anymore. It was regarded so low as to be used for wrapping paper, to protect the fancy prints shipped to a poster competition in England. But by a mistake the "wrapping paper" was entered into the competition, and it ended up winning the whole thing. And this is how the print is still available today. And perhaps why the linen backed originals are selling for as much as $550. Uuh, I really want one...

Wonderful Copenhagen by Viggo Vagnby (1896-1966)

And then I spotted this one in a window the other day. A twist on the classic, hinting at the shameful way protesters were treated as the Scoundrel Bill was enforced during the COP15 climate talks. Nothing says it like a good poster.

Wonderful Cop-enhagen by Camilla Brodersen

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  1. Hi I have an original ducks crossing road poster wood frame under glass mint, from Thomson Int Tourism HQ London, where would I take it for appraisal and sale?
    Manh thanks David


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