18 September 2010


I always loved a good treasure hunt, perhaps that is why I am so addicted to the fleas. It is not necessarily about taking something home, other than the pictures of course, it is the thrill of the hunt that is so intoxicating. It can also be a hidden detail in an unexpected place, only to be discovered if you look real close. Like the bloodsucking creature hovering over the bank on the corner (oh, the irony). One day, after years of simply passing it by, I looked up and there it was. How did I miss that?

A majestic pair above another bank, overlooking the Caritas fountain (bouncy apples, remember?).

Lucy in the sky, completely wasted on the pedestrian street, I fear.

Naked woman climbing the sky

And today's catch: the hidden owl. No flashing arrows or any other clues to his existence. Just an owl hanging out overlooking Henry Heerup's childhood home (coincidence?) and part of the Assistens Cemetery. Maybe he is guarding someone? I like that thought.

And that concludes the exercise for today. I feel that I have earned my couch time after this. 

And some of those toxic Swedish cinnamon buns...  


  1. oh i like the bat very much!

  2. And it is so appropriate for a bank too.

  3. hehehe (so sad they have so bad reputation, i mean the bats)


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