19 September 2010

Holy smoke

So, I went to church today. To buy old books, that is. I like the Copenhagen churches, mainly because they are peaceful spots, guaranteed never to be turned into a fast food chain, a parking lot or pimped out to other high bidders. I also think churches make excellent spaces for ceremonies, and if people wish to pray there I have no problem with that. 

The way I see things, freedom of religion is a given (or at least it should be), and that includes the freedom to live without one. One thing I can not digest, is when people get preachy or attempt to force me to live according to their beliefs. And with the information available to us today, I just don't get how anyone can substitute common sense with religion. Like justifying a ban on condoms.

In Denmark we had our run in with religion too. Before the Mohammed cartoons launched, I was not aware that this was an offence punishable by death. And to be honest I still don't get that. I grew up in a country where we deal with political and other difficult issues through satire and cartoons. Blaeksprutten and other publications like it was a stable under the Christmas tree, and in the summerhouses you could go through the old issues to get an idea about what life was like all the way back to the 18th century. It is a part of our core. And I take offence when someone, for whatever reason, tries to bully the pen.

Blæksprutten anno 1891

Blaeksprutten, the year 1891. 

On my way to the book market today, I crossed paths with the members of another religion I don't subscribe to: the hard core soccer supporters. That is not to say that I am against soccer. What I do mind is the creep show that surrounds it. This spring they broke free of the path lined up for them and destroyed the flea market, and it seems the police have adjusted the escort accordingly. The streets were packed with police, and buses with backup and dogs. In part to protect us from them, and in part to keep them separate from the supporters of the opposing team. I understand cheering for your team, and having a party, but where does it state you must spread hate and fear?


  1. you made my day. (about both subjects)

  2. I have a feeling that no one would like to touch this hot potato, so I am extra happy that you did. :-) You made my day too.

  3. well religion here, it's very difficult for me, it's like i'm an alien.

  4. I don't know what it is... why it scares people so to talk about religion. As someone who does not subscribe to any one religion, I see no problem with religions co-existing. But for people with a strong religious conviction, this is not always the case. I wish everybody would get over themselves, and just get along. Please.

  5. Football is not a question of life and death.

    Its much more important than that.

    Bill Shankly :)

    alt hvad der bliver fanatisk er noget skidt.

  6. Det var bare det jeg prøvede at sige :-)

  7. Det ved jeg godt YndlingsSandra-i-hele-verden.

  8. Weehoooe, det er mindst lige så godt som et luftkys, haha.


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