14 September 2010

Paris, part one

It was not love at first sight for me, Paris, frankly I thought it was highly overrated. But that has been the case of so many of the best experiences in my life. Food, music and most importantly people I did not take to first off, have later turned out to be among those I cherished the most. I have visited Paris more frequently than any other city in the world, but still no two trips have ever been the same. Certainly no one resembled this one.

Exactly nine years ago I rented a furnished apartment in Paris for the first time. I was sitting on the bed when a Danish friend calling from Sicily told me to turn on the TV. This was only moments before the first tower collapsed. Like anyone I know, I will never forget this moment, where I was and how it took days for it all to sink in. I have been in Paris since, but last week was my first time back in that apartment, and the years have not been kind...

Now, I have decided to spare you the whining (you are welcome), and not go into detail with the elaborate water damage, the agency forgot to tell me about. The "Worst case scenario" cry was posted from a Starbucks (I'm sorry, you call that coffee?), and it felt so good to get that off my chest. I took the computer home, and decided to take it all in stride, after all this was Paris, and the break I really needed. And then the curtain rod fell out of the wall (I swear), like someone yanked it out. It fell down on the electrical cabinet, disconnecting everything. The agency did not have an emergency number, so I spend the dark night in the bottom of my private hellhole. The funny thing is that once they fixed it, I only saw the improvements, and from there on the trip turned around and became everything I hoped for.

Paris was where I first discovered Mr Brainwash, so it was only fitting I bumped into this one. I want to elaborate on this, but I feel like I have been talking your ears off already... I'll leave you with the pictures:

Mr Brainwash
Rue du Seine street art

The Beatles/Kiss mashup.

Rue des Archives, a gallery with a show I did not make it to:

Gallery in Paris, streetside

 And the action on the wall next to it:

Bonom 2009 street art

Bonom 2009

These masks were all over the place, but most of them were half hacked off. I sort of get that...

Plaster mask

And there is no way around this shot, even if it is a lame drive by version:

(to be continued...)


  1. I like your view on Paris, not the typical uber-romantic and clichéd, everything-is-so-stylish Chanel, macaroons and champagne view; but I guess after the experiences with your flat that wouldn't have been possible anyway. Mr Brainwash is wonderful!

  2. Haha, Sabine, tomorrow is another day (and another post on Paris). I could not help myself, I had to go to Chanel and pick up a khaki coat for the nails. I love Mr Brainwash too, the very first time I saw his work live my heart skipped a beat, I was so happy! :-)

  3. haha great pics, that beatles one is bonkas

  4. Haha, hi Mat, thank you, I take it "bonkas" is a good thing.

  5. lucky you being in Paris a lot of times :)
    haha i'm liking that Kiss/beatles mash art.

  6. hi Ching, you are right, it is a privilegde to have been to Paris this often. It is good to be reminded of that sometimes. :-)


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