15 September 2010

Paris, part two

Although it is always a pleasure, the Paris part of my trip was dedicated to business. I did the fashion fair (khaki, more khaki, muted colors and only very few prints), and stopped by all my suppliers. Look at this amazing handpainted leather I got my hands on:

Handpainted snake

One thing Paris does for me is bring me back in touch with my feminine side. In Copenhagen I get the feeling that no one cares whether you (as in I) make an effort or not, and I sometimes find myself... sliding. But it never fails, after only one day in Paris, I always feel like painting my lips red again, playing with my hair and getting back in the heels. The reward is instant and unmistakable, being a woman is just so much more fun in Paris. My budget this time around was tight, but I did manage to squeeze in a trip to the Chanel flagship store in Rue Cambon. It was the only way to get my hands on the very limited edition of khaki nail polish that had me all girly. What? Did you think I was a reasonable woman? Haha. This is not a fashion blog of course, but I think the attention to detail in packaging here deserves a standing ovation:

Embossed folding card for the receipt, and a classic white Chanel gardenia for the bag. 

Even the trees lining the Seine were on board with the khaki/camouflage thing.

Camouflage tree

My grand finale saturday consisted of a double flea fix, first Vanves (the best, if you ever go, try to get there before noon), then the Clignancourt/St-Ouen, and the cherry on the cake: the near-heart-attack as I came dangerously close to missing my flight home. I am aware that I did not make any part of that day look effortless. But it was all worth it.

Vanves flea market, see the polished claws.. she was set on destroying my shot. Instead she made it.

No, no, no, NO pictures!


Pigs at the opera. This one I am just now realising I want. Once again my camera knows best.

Pigs at the opera

Closer, baby, closer:


  1. Its a great tin, I hope you bought it?

  2. Not the tin, not the pigs, I am waking up screaming about this still! Merde, haha.

  3. i also want the nail polish...
    nice post i love it...

  4. Thank you Carole. The khakis made it to ebay, it is not as steep at the jade green, but still a little more than retail. In case you really have to have it too :-)

  5. Great structures, and the details of the Chanel bags are pretty amazing (the stuff they spent their money on...)
    I do know what you mean. Just yesterday I was contemplating the strange asexuality in English society - I think I'm in bad need of some good old continental sensibility and flirtyness.

  6. hi Sabine, it really is true, the lines between men and women in this part of the world seems to be less visible. Funny thing is when I am treated like a woman, it brings out my softer side. I was not made for this... oatmeal.


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