24 September 2010

Peepers justice

This is borderline against the rules, because people living on the street level has a right to their privacy. I went for it because I felt invited, and because I was able to limit my shots to the street view only. It's a perfect micro version of what I love most about my neighbourhood, and the attention to detail is mind blowing. I did vaguely register the spider web, mainly because it messed with my focus, but I was kissing-close and completely absorbed by these people. It was only when I got home and uploaded my shots that I spotted the giant atomic flesh eating spider. I just know I touched it. Eeeeeeeeek.

Norrebro, the micro version

Killer spider, and one man down. Details revealing themselves at their own pace.

Pink lady


Old man

Officer and doctor

The web sucking all the focus, I nearly brushed it away.



  1. phew, lucky you didn't see the spider right away, you would have focused on it!!! so funny what people would exhibit! it's wonderful. i must say i love peeking into people's houses. especially at night when they don't have curtains. but in some city, like amsterdam, it's like nobody have curtains, and these giant windows, and beautiful places they live in! it's quite disconcerting. do they want us to see it or are they light craving? what about copenhagen? i don't remember...

  2. It's the same thing in Copenhagen, not that many curtains or attempts to cover up. I am pretty sure it has to do with the light, we need as much as we can get. When I pull down the curtains at night I feel like the space is confined, my favorite thing is when I can see the sky from where I am.

    I once saw a brilliant solution in one of the lofts in N.Y., where the curtains (on a roll, what do you call them?) started from the bottom of the window, and they were only pulled halfway, to keep people from the street from peeping in, and still keep the sky view.

  3. I have the same notion, to always leave the curtains open! I always have. When I was growing up we had this house with really big windows that were fantastic, and I hated covering them up. My mom thought I was crazy for never pulling the curtains, until I went to sleep. I finally feel like people understand me! haha :)

  4. Hi Anonymous, the Copenhageners understand you perfectly. I love big windows, and I dream of a big old fashion skylight (and the roof apartment that would have to go with it). Or (and) the luxury of living somewhere in the city where the angle is just so that no one can look in. Curtains are for sleeping. :-)


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