23 September 2010

To go or not to go

Unless there are mitigating circumstances, like live music and/or an insanely hot cast, I am unlikely to attend an evening at the theatre. However in an attempt to broaden my horizon I will occasionally go against my better judgement and suffer through another play. Every time promising myself this was the last one (same thing with red wine by the way). But then something comes along, like a really good poster that will make you reconsider things. Remember the cool bear that got decorated by street artists? The same theatre Grob made another, very different but equally cool, and this time I paid them a visit.

They were busy for the opening night tomorrow, but still took some time out to talk to me. The popularity of the prints came as a big surprise to them, and it all started with the bears. They were printed in four color combinations and even reprinted due to overwhelming demand. The perky hot dog comes in two parts, but only one version (the best). "Dinner For One" is a romantic comedy, and I was told that it's the kind of theatre that attracts the moviegoers. I am leaning slightly towards giving the stage another try... at the very least I am getting that poster!

Grob poster

Dinner for one

A poster in two parts, allowing for it to be used separately. Cool, I say.

The bears, the hidden one is heavy duty cardboard silver foil:

Bear poster

The bears were printed on a heavier paper than the hot dog version, apparently making them not so fit for posting in the streets. But this was also what made them stand out, I think, and what made people collect them. I love these posters so much I want to sleep with them!


  1. haha, love the prints too. funny, i don't go to the theater very often, although i like it very much. what i don't like, are musicals. enjoy!

  2. It has to be a special occasion for me to go, but take what is going on tonight and for the three next weekends: the burlesque festival. I'm itching to go, but I only learned about it today, and tickets are scarce. Merde! I have never been to one before.

  3. yeah i'd like to see that too...


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