08 September 2010

Worst case scenario

This has been a full week of worst case scenarios. From leaving the phone charger at home, bringing only the phone to Amsterdam, to leaving the phone entirely in Amsterdam, going to the monster flea market in Lille, France (that is another story I can't wait to tell you all about). And the shit storm continued to a point that has me wondering what the universe was trying to tell me: lost keys, wrong passwords, no internet and the mother of all nightmares: death of the computer. After an excruciating day the latter turned out to be merely the death of the charger. But still. Shit storm. And not being able to update the blog has been surprisingly stressful.

Oh, yes, and computer has decided to delete entire rolls of shots, like the yummy Amsterdam harvest... this is what I have been up against. Please accept my apologies for the tardy updates, I owe you big. Until we catch up, here are a taste of things to come:

Current state

There are chairs...

...and then there are chairs.


  1. Oh no! This does sound like STRESS. Glad to have you and your wonderful pictures back, Sandra. I'll now immediately update my backup copies!

  2. poor you! in French we say, "juste un mauvais moment à passer" meaning, you just let go this moment, passively because there's nothing you can do and eventually things get back to normal...

  3. Hang in there :) Things are gonna change for the better.

  4. Thank you for the support, it feels good to come home to such friendly words. Wow, I missed this. :-)

  5. Velkommen hjem :-)


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